19, The Nook, Anstey

Hello all!  I’ve been terribly lax about updating my blog recently!  Time makes a mockery of me and runs away from me!








I’ve been open in Anstey for two months now.  Things are going well and the time has flown!  More and more people are finding out where I am and popping into the shop to say hello.


I have already built up a little base of regular customers who swing by for their weekly flower fix and I forever feel like I’m waving at people I recognise through the window as they pop to The Nook for their shopping!  It’s wonderful to get to know people and start to form relationships.  So many of the bigger shops don’t take the time to engage with their customer base and I find it’s so important to have that rapport with people.


I’ve recently started to sell helium balloons for all occasions and they are being well received.  The telephone line has been sorted out at long last and the phone is ringing with orders a lot more!  A lot of people pop in from the local Funeral Directors to chat about funeral flowers.  I’ve been making up a lot of bespoke funeral tributes for loved ones who have recently passed and it’s always an honor to be able to help out families in such difficult times.





I’ve recently had some lovely shiny photographs taken of the shop in all it’s glory.  My brother popped by a few weeks ago and how he’s captured the shop is just beautiful.  It’s great to have some lasting images of how the shop looks now and it will be lovely to look back on them in the years to come and ‘remember when I first opened’.










The village centre itself is such a busy little hub, the streets always seem to have people on them, the shops all look busy and I don’t think there has been a time where I’ve looked out of the window and not seen anyone!  Even the recently inclement weather doesn’t appear to put people off popping down into Anstey!  Long may it continue!



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