Creator of gorgeousness.   Chatterbox.  Drinker of tea.  


Hello!  I’m Claire Budding and I am a friendly based on a cosy corner in the village of , who is passionate about all things floral.  I am a people pleaser and like making people happy.  I love weddings and all things love, it must be the romantic in me.  I’m also a perfectionist and somewhat of a workaholic – I’m pretty sure I get that last bit from my Father.  I believe that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing well and with your whole heart.    



I have been lucky enough to have been creating beautiful flower arrangements for as long as I can remember.  I can recall coming home from school at the tender age of five and helping my Dad make bows for bouquets!  It’s in my blood and I’m blessed to be able to make a living doing something that I love and enjoy.  Be it from creating extravagant floral arrangements for an event to a simple hand tied bunch of seasonal blooms, flowers make me feel happier than a roaring open fire and snuggly socks on a frosty winters day.


I have been working as a florist for many years and have a wealth of experience in all areas of floristry.  My work has been featured in many local publications including Weddings magazine, Your East Midlands Wedding Magazine and The Beacon Magazine to  name a few.  I have attended courses at the prestigious UK School of Floristry in beautiful Cheshire.  Content not only with working in my cozy little patch of Leicester, I have also spent time collaborating with some incredibly talented florists in Canada where I lived for two years before The Great White North’s nippy climes got the better of me.


I’m incredibly blessed to have wonderful Parents who previously owned Brookside Nurseries, a Garden Centre and Florist, for almost 40 years in Anstey, Leicester.  In August 2016, they made the decision to slow down after many years of hard work and they closed the doors on their Garden Centre in readiness to enjoy Retirement.   It was the ideal opportunity for me to continue with their Florist business, merge it with mine and move into new premises.  I felt it was important to keep the business within Anstey, the village where it was born and raised, and as such, in April 2016, Budding Floral Designs proudly moved out of a cold, draughty workshop and into a bright, beautiful and airy shop within The Nook in Anstey, Leicester.  Although we continue to love doing wedding and event floristry, we now have the space and outlet to create floral gorgeousness for all other aspects of floristry including funerals and gift flowers and build on a loyal and much loved customer base!  I myself, along with my quickly expanding team of fellow Flower Fiddlers, are honoured to serve the community of Anstey and surrounding villages in Leicestershire with  beautiful flowers for any occasion.


As for something a little more personal, I live in Leicester with my lovely Fiance, Steve, andMeSteveLunatintagel our Bearded Collie, Luna.  We are currently renovating our 1930s house and to counterbalance the constant mess and dust, I usually try to have a fresh vase of something or other every week or so in my lounge and occasionally, on my kitchen table as well.  I love so many different flowers that I find it impossible to pick a favorite, the same with colours, seasons of the year and what I fancy for dinner from the takeaway!  I love cosy Sunday nights in front of the TV, a good glass of Red, well made cups of tea, being in the countryside and holidays on the coast.  I’m incredibly fussy, I tend to waffle on talking when I get nervous, I can’t stand to be late and I’m absolutely terrified of frogs, yes, I know it’s weird!